Exciting times at TPSC

An update of our partner manager

Exciting times at TPSC 09 October

By Ditlev Hindkjaer, TPSC International Partner Manager

It is exciting times at TPSC at the moment. Internationally we have many interesting projects running and some new partners in play:

Currently we are working on a reference project with Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery in Dubai, which is one of the finest medical facilities providing premium and state-of-the-art medical facilities in the region. Our partner Vital Quadro Consultancy is leading the project with the local hospital and TPSC in a supporting role. We will be implementing TPSC Cloud as a first step with the goal to include a group of hospitals in the region.

The initial results of the hospitals work and implementation were presented by the hospital´s Quality Director Obaida Qatuni at the Patient Safety Conference 4-6 October at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre where TPSC was also present. Read more about our visit at the Patient Safety Conference.

Moving across the Atlantic we are proud to inform that we have started a partnership with Succeed Management Solutions in the US. Our new partner is providing relevant tooling, expert risk management training and consulting services related to the development, implementation and monitoring of every facet of an organization’s safety and risk management and OSHA compliance objectives. We are exited to start our expansion in the US with our first American partner aboard. 

In Europe we have also planned an Healthcare Executive Roundtable in Belgium with our Partner Adheco where current trends and challenges with patient safety and quality management will be discussed by experts and leaders in the Belgian Healthcare sector. As a bonus the CEO from PSC Australia, Darryl Stuart, will be joining the roundtable to share his knowledge about successful projects in Australia presenting 2 customer cases and open to discuss how important issues in Europe are being handled by hospitals and healthcare organizations in Australia.

It will be a busy second half of the year, but we look very much forward to it!