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Have you seen the TPSC Cloud™ animation video?Discover the possibilities of TPSC Cloud™ 09 July

TPSC Cloud™ animation video

Most healthcare organizations mainly know us as an incident management software vendor. But TPSC is much more than that! With TPSC Cloud™ you can automate and optimize almost any process within your organization.

In our new animation video, you will get a peek into the limitless possibilities of TPSC Cloud™ and how our platform can benefit your organization on various levels.

Have you seen the video? You can see it here.

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Flexibility and customization at the highest level

Healthcare organizations choose TPSC because of our advanced software that can be fully customized to the existing processes within your organization.

But this flexibility does not only apply to our standard solutions. It is one of the unique characteristics of our Quality & Risk Management Platform, TPSC Cloud™.

Each customer uses this unique feature to some extent. Whether it is for adjusting existing applications or creating new custom cloud applications.

Custom Cloud applications

TPSC Cloud™ hosts much more solutions than the ones mentioned on our website. With TPSC Cloud™ you have a tool at your disposal to quickly automate – and optimize – any process at low costs!

Our customers already automated a wide range of processes using TPSC Cloud™.

How about an application for:

  • Reporting and managing information security issues;
  • Monitoring the temperature of the medicine/pharmacy fridges;
  • Walking the safety rounds or audits.

These are all examples of TPSC Cloud™ applications that automate one or more (business) processes, procedures or checklists.

Benefits of automating processes

By automating processes:

  • … data is systematically collected;
  • … data is recorded in an unambiguous manner;
  • … roles and responsibilities are clear;
  • … weaknesses and risks in existing processes are discovered;
  • … deadlines and throughput times are monitored;
  • … real-time dashboards and reports are available, at all time;
  • … efficiency is improved.

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