Make the switch to the new, mobile-first form

Try out the form and experience the benefits!

Make the switch to the new, mobile-first formTry out the form and experience the benefits! 04 April

Last year, we released the new, mobile-first form. Staff and patients can now also use their tablet or mobile phone to report an incident or complaint, submit an idea for improvement, complete a survey, etc.

Please note! Per January 1, 2020 we will phase out the previous form. 

Make the switch to the mobile-first form and experience the benefits: 

  • Mobile-first: The form is optimized for use on mobile phone or tablet. The layout and content are adjusted to the size and performance of your mobile device with touch screens.
  • Use it on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop! Mobile-first does not mean that the form is less attractive to use on your desktop. The mobile-first form can be used on any device with a web browser.
  • Input-based: Based on the answers given, only relevant questions are shown. As a result, 'next' and ‘previous' steps or different tabs belong to the past.
  • Faster: Due to applying the newest programming techniques, the form is much faster. Moreover, the reporter completes the form faster, due to the optimized design.
  • Adding attachments: The new form makes use of the functionalities of your mobile device. Access the camera from your phone or tablet, take a picture or make a short video and add it as an attachment.
  • Easy implementation: Converting forms to the mobile-first format is easy and fast. Your TPSC Consultant will assist you.
  • Free to use! The mobile-first form is free to use.

Experience the usability and convenience of the mobile-first form and let us know what you think of it:

Try the mobile-first form

Convinced? Contact your TPSC contact person to convert forms to the mobile-first format:

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