New TPSC Cloud™ application; Peer support

Provide collegial aftercare to second victims

New TPSC Cloud™ application; Peer supportProvide collegial aftercare to second victims 16 October

Patients are the first victims of a medical incident. But an incident can have an enormous impact on the care professional as well; the second victim. Anxiety, a burn-out or even symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome are common consequences.

Peer support focuses on offering collegiate aftercare. Because the best help comes from someone who understands your situation; a colleague. However, 85% of the second victims do not ask for help themselves. It is therefore important that aftercare is proactively provided.

TPSC Cloud™, Peer support application

In collaboration with the IJsselland Hospital (NL), The Patient Safety Company has developed the peer support application. The application facilitates the complete process; from identifying, approaching and bringing the second victim into contact with a peer supporter, to the documentation and evaluation of the care provided.

“The peer support application brings administrative convenience! Thanks to the application, our peer support committee can function independently without spending too much time on overhead”

Claartje Schouten, Policy Advisor

 IJsselland Ziekenhuis 

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