New TPSC eBook: Incident Management

New TPSC eBook: Incident ManagementIn search of continuous healthcare improvement 30 March

After 10 years of increased attention for healthcare safety, we have gained considerable experience in the reporting and registration of incidents. But how do you ensure that your organization will learn from the incidents reported? Many organization still find this difficult.

Now that not only incidents but also near misses are reported, the number of notifications has increased substantially in recent years. Time pressure often contributes to the fact that near misses and incidents are only registered but not taken any further. Chances to improve the quality and safety of healthcare remain unused.

Incident Management E-book

Does this sound familiar? Download the Incident Management E-book and learn:

  • How to make the switch from registration to optimization;
  • How to achieve continuous improvement;
  • The different tools you can use to realize this;
  • The role of the departmental supervisor and quality manager;
  • Some practical solutions that you can directly apply to your organization;
  • How The Patient Safety Company can assist you.

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