New TPSC eBook: Just Culture

New TPSC eBook: Just CultureTheory & practice 20 September

Huge strides forward have been made in the field of Patient Safety and I am sure that you have noticed the term Just Culture.

In brief, a Just Culture is an organizational culture that contributes to proactive safety. In a Just Culture trustlearning capacity, and accountability come first and foremost. These are important conditions for addressing human error in an organization. 

Just Culture Ebook

Do you want to know more about Just Culture and about the pitfalls that can occur when introducing and maintaining a Just Culture? Download our free TPSC e-book 'Just Culture, Theory and practice' and learn:

  • The 5 conditions for a Just Culture.
  • Just Culture as a basis for Patient Safety.
  • The essence of communication.
  • What can we learn from Always Events?

Download Just Culture Ebook