Robert Wiedeman, our new Servicedesk Engineer

A short introduction

Robert Wiedeman, our new Servicedesk EngineerServicedesk Engineer 13 October

TPSC is growing and so is our team. Since October 2017, Robert is working for The Patient Safety Company to support our service desk. We asked Robert to introduce himself:  

Hi, I am Robert!

My name is Robert Andre Wiedeman, I am 25 years old and I have been working with computers for the last 10 years.

My interest in computers has started when we got our first PC from our neighbor. He worked as a system administrator at Cordaan.

After high school, I went to the ROC in Hilversum for a system administrator study. Through my neighbor, I got an internship at Cordaan. After completing my study, I had the opportunity to work at Cordaan.

But I was not yet finished learning. So I started a new study: applied computer science. I managed to combine this study with a part-time job; first I worked for GeekSquad, later I worked for Tatasteel as a service desk employee.

I really enjoyed my job at Tatasteel. I was responsible for a wide variety of tasks and had many nice colleagues. Therefore, I was very disappointed to hear that my department had to move to India.

Together with my girlfriend, I decided to plan a long trip. We spent six months traveling to Bejing, China. This was a great experience.

Back home, I started looking for a new job immediately. That’s how I joined The Patient Safety Company. I really enjoyed my first weeks at the company. It is a free, yet productive and inspiring environment. The colleagues are all very friendly and my job includes a variety of tasks. I hope to gain a lot of new experiences and expand my knowledge of computer science.

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