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South America plays an important role culturally, economically and politically in the world.  Their increasing awareness and inclinations of improvement, in regards to Quality and Patient Safety, and the fact that some of the top 100 Healthcare Organizations globally, are based there, has attracted our attention and interest. This, in combination with the increasing number of Spanish speaking Healthcare Professionals visiting our site, our partner’s demand in the Region and in Spain, has made us come to a very easy conclusion; Our website needs to be in Spanish!

We take the opportunity to introduce to you, our Spanish speaking colleagueRicardo Varela van Oordt. Ricardo is responsible of Latin America. You can contact Ricardo if you have any questions about our software and services.

Ricardo can also bring you close to our Spanish speaking partners. Our partners are of great value to us, as they deliver expertise and local support to our customers. Here you can find an overview of our partners.