TPSC is GDPR-proof

TPSC is GDPR-proof 25 May

May 25 the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force. As a SaaS software supplier, security and privacy are our top priority. Here you can read about the various actions we have taken to ensure that TPSC is GDPR-proof.

Data processing agreements

Agreements with customers and suppliers about the processing of personal data are laid down in data processing agreements.

Are you a TPSC customer and do you not yet have a data processing agreement with us? Please contact our data protection officer, Pardi Scheffer, via or by telephone on +31(0)728200400.

Privacy statement

We have rewritten our privacy statement so that it complies with the GDPR. You can find it here.

Marketing related communications

We only send our marketing-related email communications to those who have explicitly indicated that they want to receive it. We have received their consent through an opt-in campaign. In our CRM system, we record per person if, when, and how we acquired their opt-in.

Have you not yet given your consent? But do you want to (continue to) receive our educational ebooks, case studies, and other relevant content? Click here to give us your consent!

Data breach requirements

We have an internal process in place to report and follow up on data breaches. We use our information security application to automate the complete process. The application facilitates internal and external reporting, analysis of causes and consequences, initiating improvement actions and it monitors timescales. 

GDPR-functionality TPSC Cloud™

Security and privacy are our top priority. But the security and privacy of our customers, their patients/clients and employees are also important to us! In a separate article, we described how TPSC Cloud™ supports your organization in being GDPR compliant. Click here to read the article.


Do you have questions or do you want more information about how The Patient Safety Company complies with the GDPR? Please do not hesitate to contact us.