TPSC is listed in The Fab 50!

TPSC is one of the 50 coolest tech companies in the Netherlands

TPSC is listed in The Fab 50! 30 July

Source: The METISfiles

The Netherlands has a tremendous amount of interesting tech vendors, some of which get more attention than others. This time we take a closer look at those that are able to catch the limelight: the Dutch Tech Fab 50.

To create the Dutch tech Fab 50 we looked at various lists, varying from hot technology startups (Red Herring for example) to the more established vendors (Main Software top 50). These lists look at different variables such as size, growth rate, or most promising technology. Not all lists focus on tech only, online retail or social networks are often included as well. Using these lists as a base we tallied the # of mentions each of these companies received. Check out the infographic.

So, what does it all mean? For one, these companies got noticed at least one more time than the other 500 (Dutch) vendors included in these lists. They have been able to create visibility around their technological capacity or company initiatives. On the other hand, the # of mentions are subject to whatever the criteria are that the particular list uses for selection. 

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