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TPSC partners up with Medusa Medical TechnologiesMedusa and TPSC announce partnership to deliver an integrated solution 23 November

Download the press release as PDF here.

The Netherlands/Nova Scotia: November 2017


Halifax-based Medusa Medical Technologies announced this week its partnership with the Netherlands’ The Patient Safety Company. The partnership will combine Medusa’s expertise in offering ePCR solutions to EMS organizations worldwide, and TPSC’s ability to provide strong, configurable quality and risk management system.

Medusa and TPSC first had the opportunity to work together earlier this year when Medusa collaborated with TPSC to bid a proposal to an EMS customer in Ontario. They went on to win that business together and discussions began to further cement a more formalized partnership.

Glen Dexter, CEO of Medusa, said: “We want to ensure that any partnership we venture into has the ultimate goal of benefitting our customers. Our partners need to understand the changing landscape of EMS, and that our goals in offering solid solutions to the EMS market align. TPSC offers all of this and more, and we’re very excited to partner with them, and to extend and expand our global reach together.”

A unique solution for ambulance services

Medusa and TPSC have joined forces to create a unique integration between their two platforms, which is the only one of its kind. Siren’s platform integrates with TPSC’s Quality & Risk management platform, TPSC Coud™, providing paramedics around the world the opportunity to use Siren on their tablets, getting warnings when incidents need to be reported. Reporting an incident is finalized quickly as data from Siren is automatically pushed into TPSC Cloud™. This avoids double entry and reduces administrative burdens. Thereby Siren’s customer now have access to analysis and process management functionalities, providing them the tools they need to increase quality and safety for their patient and employees!

Rick Bergen, CEO of TPSC, stated: “I am looking forward to getting the partnership with Medusa further off the ground as we have a unique solution that can help paramedics improve patient safety worldwide. In the Netherlands we already made our entrance to the EMS industry, providing customized incident management solutions to various ambulance services. The partnership with Medusa opens new doors to us. Together we bring a whole new approach to the industry.”

The first two joint projects are officially kicked off; One project involves an EMS from the Netherlands, the other involves an EMS operating in Ottawa, Canada.


RAVU is the regional Ambulance Services in Utrecht. RAVU provides acute care and (ordered) ambulance transport. They cover the entire province (1.2 million inhabitants). RAVU consists of 60 ambulance units and there are over 400 professionals working at RAVU. RAVU has been a client of Medusa Medical Technologies for several years.

RAVU is dealing with a few manual processes that are cumbersome for the employees and management. However, they are very focused to change exactly that with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement. One of the processes RAVU and TPSC are working to automate and improve is the process to evaluate ambulance rides to understand the competency of the paramedics. The actual evaluation was done using Excel sheets. Manual transfer of data from Siren, complex trend analysis and large excel sheets made the process inefficient and challenging for the users and management. The whole process took a lot of time, increased risk errors and made it difficult to learn and improve from the paramedic evaluations. 

Now RAVU has replaced the excel sheet with online forms. Data from Siren is automatically pushed into TPSC Cloud™. The process is automated and provides real-time dashboards of the evaluation results to quickly identify the weaknesses and strengths of their paramedics. With one click RAVU can easily see the trends of the competency of their employees and where improvement or additional training is necessary.

Rocklyn Meijer, Head of IT at RAVU said “The big advantage to have the integrated solution of the Siren and TPSC platform is that it’s a one-stop-solution, where you have all the information at hand. We are very excited to go live shortly with this new innovative solution from Medusa and TPSC.”

Ottawa Paramedic Service

The Ottawa Paramedic Service delivers medical treatment for life-threatening medical emergencies including heart attacks, strokes, respiratory and traumatic injuries and covers an area of 2,796 sq. km. Ottawa’s highly trained paramedics form an integral part of the City’s emergency preparedness team and are the sole medically certified providers of out-of-hospital medical treatment.

The Ottawa Paramedic Service has been using Siren for several years and decided in 2016 to continue their collaboration with Medusa after publishing an RFP where incident reporting was one of their requirements. Medusa and TPSC won the bid together due to the integrated solution of Siren and TPSC Cloud™. The platform will be configured so that Siren will warn the paramedics when an incident must be reported and push the relevant data into TPSC Cloud™. When going live, Ottawa Paramedic Service will be able to monitor all incidents and perform the necessary trend analysis to achieve improvements in the quality of care and safety of their patients. The goal is to create an Ontario compliant solution, which makes it easy for all ambulance services in the region to adopt this unique solution.

Both Medusa and TPSC are proud of this upcoming integrated solution, which will be a game changer for ambulance service around the world. Both organizations have already seen interest from several customers in other regions as well.

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