TPSC partners with Health Outcomes Worldwide

Official announcement

TPSC partners with Health Outcomes WorldwideOfficial announcement 25 April

This month e-health companies, Health Outcomes Worldwide (Canada) and The Patient Safety Company (Netherlands) partnered up to ensure that patient safety and improved outcomes will now go hand in hand as they drive modern healthcare forward, together.

About Health Outcomes Worldwide (HOW)

Health Outcomes Worldwide (HOW) provides desktop and mobile e-health solutions to assist healthcare organizations deliver better patient outcomes and reduce costs. HOW’s innovative platform – how2trak® – provides real-time, point-of-care tools to clinicians at the bedside for treating wounds, and keeping track of surgical incisions post-discharge. For more information, visit

About The Patient Safety Company (TPSC)

The Patient Safety Company (TPSC) presents TPSC Cloud™; an online quality & risk management platform, with a wide range of solutions. All tailor made and aiming to optimize one or more existing processes to improve the overall quality and safety.  TPSC Cloud™ allows you to optimize and measure results for each stakeholder; patients, staff, management, and even third parties. For more information, visit

The partnership

"I am so excited that two like-minded organizations have to come together to strive to improve patient safety. Pressure injury related lawsuits are the second most common claim after wrongful death in the US. In the healthcare industry, pressure injuries are called never events and are preventable using organizational checks and balances. Our how2trak® Wound Care application helps to prevent pressure injuries from happening by driving best practice at the bedside through our decision support system. HOW & TPSC will make organizations more safe for patients.”  says Corrine MacIsaac, Founder & CEO of Health Outcomes Worldwide.

“We are equally excited about this alliance. We both share the same ambition and challenge: Improve patient safety and prevent consecutive incidents from happening. Every success story is the equivalent of collective achievements. Our combined knowledge will allow us to introduce more firmly a Safety Culture of sharing knowledge and prevention. Healthcare processes are complex and full of risk. To minimize these risks, process optimization requires constant attention and an excessive amount of time. TPSC Cloud™ enables you to manage risks, discover trends and realize continuous improvement. TPSC & HOW will help your organization deliver the best quality care!” says Rick Bergen, CEO of the Patient Safety Company.

More information?

To learn more about what this partnership could mean for home and healthcare facilities looking to simultaneously improve their patient safety outcomes, contact Monica Brewer of Health Outcomes Worldwide at or Ricardo Verla van Oordt of The Patient Safety Company at