We welcome RAVU as a new TPSC customer!

We welcome RAVU as a new TPSC customer!RAVU automates and improves processes using innovative cloud applications 09 January

After a successful POC, we are now proud and excited to announce The regional Ambulance Services in Utrecht (RAVU), as the new member of the TPSC Family. Together we are building new innovative cloud applications to automate and improve their day to day processes.

Our first applications will remove the burden of manual work and replace the use of Excel, to evaluate Medical Competence of Paramedics.

TPSC Cloud™ will be integrated with the EPCR system from Medusa Medical Technologies, who also happens to be a TPSC member from Canada. The reason behind this integration is to provide the ambulance services with tools that will help them work more efficiently and improve the quality of care and the safety of their patients. By pushing data automatically from one system to the other double entries are avoided, which reduces the administration work drastically. With one click RAVU identifies who need more training and where the risks are.

But we are far from done, more suspects will be analyzed to integrate into the platform.

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