Ambulance Services

The solutions have proven their functionality among several ambulance services

Ambulance Services

Discover, analyze & optimize weaknesses in the existing processes

Challenges ambulance services face

For ambulance staff, no situation is the same. They constantly face new challenges on which they have to anticipate. This makes it hard to guarantee a constant level of quality.

Improve the quality & reduce risks for ambulance services

TPSC’s Quality & Risk Management Platform includes a complete solution for reporting and analyzing calamities, near misses, incidents, and complaints. The solution is specially developed for the ambulance sector and has proven functionality among several ambulance services. The solution supports the improvement process that reduces risks for patients and staff and improves the overall quality of the ambulance service. Weaknesses in existing processes are discovered, analyzed and optimized. The “Plan-Do- Check-Act” method is fully integrated.

Process supporting software for ambulance services

The software solutions for the ambulance sector are ‘best practice’ and ready-to-use solutions. However, each solution can be custom made or adapted to the existing processes of the ambulance service, equipped with forms, workflow, reports, etc.

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Case study

Josep Davins, Director General Adjunto, Generalitat De Catalunya:
We want to secure a minimum for all, but not slowing down the more progressive centrers.
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