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Only in the USA we serve over 50 physician offices spread over 16 different states

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Venereology, Phlebology & Dermatology

Easy and fast recording of data to reduce risks and improve quality

Our software applied in Venereology, Phlebology & Dermatology centers

Only in the USA The Patient Safety Company serves over 50 physician offices specialized in vein disease treatment, spread over 16 different states.

Improve the quality and safety

Vein clinics form a very specific health care segment with a unique patient population and relatively small clinics. In a small practice environment, vein clinics face a lot of challenges to manage a profitable business and providing the highest quality of care to patients. All this, by complying to the increasingly stringent laws and regulations.

Most of the clinics still use paper based forms and templates to record incidents, complaints, and process deviations. However, only recording the data takes a lot of time. This time goes at the expense of the overall goal of capturing the data, namely improving the quality and safety of care for patients and employees.

Optimize processes using TPSC’s Governance, Risk & Compliance software

The Collaborative Governance, Risk & Compliance software will improve the way Vein Clinics work! The software enables easy and fast recording of data and allow the clinics to record the data they are interested in. Standardized processes are realized that reduce risks to patients and employees and improves the quality of the vein clinic. Weaknesses in existing processes are discovered, analyzed and optimized. Now the employees of Vein Clinics can focus on what they do best; providing the best care to their patients. 

Clients within this segment

Case study

Michelle McEvoy - Director of Qaulity, Vein Clinics of America:
The support and collaboration with TPSC has been excellent! The implementation of the cloud applications for our Risk Management System are always well managed.
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