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    Software to manage information security risks

    Now that patient data and documents are no longer paper records, but are increasingly fully digital, the importance of information security is increasing too.

    Regulators and accreditation bodies are strengthening laws and regulations (e.g., HIPAA and GDPR), making strict compliance a necessity.

    Reporting data security related incidents will not only protect the individuals whose data has been potentially exposed. It will also help your organization to foster trust, prevent fines, and uphold your organization’s mission and brand image.

    To better manage information security risks:

    1. Set up a process.
    2. Appoint the individuals responsible.
    3. Create awareness among all participants.

    Our Information Security application facilitates internal and external reporting, provides for analysis of causes and consequences, and guides in initiating improvement actions.

    Event reporting is just part of TPSC Cloud platform’s offerings. Learn more about the flexibility, accuracy, and speed in this overview of options.

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    Discover the benefits

    The Information Security application can be implemented quick and easy. It offers you the following benefits, among others:

    • Meet compliance requirements
      The workflow (including user roles, actions, forms, throughput times, etc.) is customized to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that your organization must meet.
    • Get easy and fast reporting
      An information security incident can occur in each layer of the organization. With TPSC CloudTM software every employee can report an incident using an online form accessible via mobile device or desktop.
    • Use step-by-step guidance through the workflow
      Each step in incident reporting is easy to complete and supported by mandatory fields, automatic e-mail notifications, reminders, and alerts.
    • Initiate and monitor improvement actions
      Improvement actions are centrally recorded and monitored using Improvement Manager, our digital improvement tracking system. As a result, incidents and events are recorded and acted upon for improvement, using the PDCA cycle.
    • Get a clear overview via personal dashboards and reporting tools
      No matter your reporting needs, we have you covered. Display your data using various types of charts; export data to Word, PDF, CSV, XML; use dynamic worklists with a colored indication; create customized templates for overviews; and more.
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    Secure the privacy and safety of your patients and staff

    With our Information Security application you will be supported in following clear, standardized processes within your organization to control information security risks.

    1. Reporting an information security incident

    With data breaches occurring more frequently and at all levels of organizations, it is important to equip every employee to report an incident quickly and easily, by using an online form.

    For each data breach or incident submitted, a file is created in the application. This file follows a customized workflow that meets the laws and regulations to which your organization must adhere. A typical workflow uses forms, actions, user roles, and (email) notifications along the way, until resolution and/or implementation of improvement actions.

    With the reporting tool you keep the individual, who reported the breach or incident, informed about the status of the report throughout the entire process. This continuous involvement fosters trust and contributes to staff willingness to report future breaches or incidents.

    2. Handling an incident

    As soon as a new incident is reported using TPSC Cloud Incident Manager, the information security officer (or other administrator) is notified by an auto-generated email notification. The information security officer looks into the file of the incident and:

    • Evaluates the responses given by the reporter. If needed, additional information is requested (via an email notification) and added to the file.
    • Reviews the severity of the incident, determines if external reporting is necessary, and determines whether others are affected and must be informed.
    • Analyzes the potential causes and consequences of incidents. TPSC’s software supports various internationally acknowledged analysis techniques, including: root cause analysis, PRISMA and timeline reconstruction.
    3. Process improvement & prevention

    The causes identified by the information security officer form the starting point to improve upon current processes and prevent similar data breaches in the future.

    A comprehensive process (e.g., the PDCA cycle) that includes collecting data, reporting on it, discussing necessary change, and implementing improved protocols is essential for preventing future data breaches or incidents. TPSC Cloud supports meaningful change through its digital improvement tracking app: Improvement Manager.

    4. Manage reporting & internal communication

    Give managers and administrators clear and direct insights into organization wide risks and help them prioritize process improvements. Real-time management dashboards give the information security officer (or other authorized users) an overview of security breaches, risks, lead times, improvement actions, costs, and results.

    Dashboards—and the takeaways from evaluations they provide—can easily be shared with staff across the organization. The benefit: information security, event management, and compliance efforts become roles and responsibilities for every staff member, for a safer healthcare environment.

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