Information Security

Report, manage and prevent information security breaches.

Information Security

Report, manage and prevent information security breaches.

Secure the privacy and safety of patients and staff

Information security is a growing concern in healthcare. The number of information security incidents rise, harming the privacy and safety of patients and staff. As a result, healthcare institutions are facing more and stricter laws and regulations they have to comply with, like HIPAA and GDPR.

Discover and manage risks

With the Information Security Application, compliance is no longer an issue and makes information security everyone’s responsibility. The application facilitates internal and external reporting, analysis of causes and consequences, and initiating improvement actions. Personal dashboards and overviews support you in discovering trends and prioritizing improvement actions.

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See the benefits
  • Compliance
    • The workflow (including user roles, actions, forms, throughput times, etc.) is customized so it meets the laws and regulations you have to comply with.

  • Step by step guidance through the workflow
    • Each step is easy to complete and supported by mandatory fields, automatic e-mail notifications, reminders, and alerts.

  • Easy and fast reporting
    • An information security incident can occur in each layer of the organization. Every employee can report an incident using the online form accessible via mobile device or desktop.

  • Initiate and monitor improvement actions
    • Improvement actions are centrally recorded and monitored using the digital improvement tracking system. Complete the PDCA-cycle.

  • Personal dashboards and reporting tools
    • Various types of charts – Exportable to Word, PDF, CSV, XML – Dynamic work lists with color indication – Customized templates for your reports.

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