50% of the caregivers experience the 'second victim syndrome' during their career


Reduce the administrative burden of the peer support program within your organization, measure results and improve!

Care professionals, the second victim of a medical incident

Patients are the first victims of a medical incident. But an incident can have an enormous impact on the care professional as well; the second victim. Anxiety, a burn-out or even symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome are common consequences.

Peer support

Peer support focuses on offering collegiate aftercare. Because the best help comes from someone who understands your situation; a colleague. However, 85% of the second victims do not ask for help themselves. It is therefore important that aftercare is proactively provided.

The peer support application facilitates the complete process; from identifying, approaching and bringing the second victim into contact with a peer supporter, to the documentation and evaluation of the care provided.

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See the benefits
  • Automate the current Peer Support program
    • The peer support application is a best-practice solution. Due to the many configuration options, the application can be fully customized to the peer support program/process within your organization.

  • Step-by-step guidance through the workflow
    • Each step is easy to complete and supported by mandatory fields, automatic e-mail notifications, reminders, and alerts.

  • Start the peer support process from different sources
    • A second victim can be identified in different ways; use the incident reporting form to ask which professionals are involved, by the complaints officer, the Executive Board, etc. In addition, second victim or its colleagues can request peer support using a peer support form that is placed on the intranet.

  • Management dashboards and reporting tools
    • Measure results, discover trends and improve the current peer support program! The application includes personal management dashboards – various types of charts – exportable to Word, PDF, CSV, XML – Dynamic work lists with color indication – tailor-made templates for your reports.

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