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3-month free trial (new!)

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Globally, more than 500 healthcare facilities use TPSC Cloud™ for being compliant, facilitating communication, focusing on prevention and realizing efficiency and continuous improvement. Now our Quality & Risk Management software is available as a free trial!

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The trial gives you the unique opportunity to experience and evaluate our software ahead of use and purchase. The trial is free of charge and gives you access to our two most used applications for incident management and improvement tracking.

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See the benefits
  • Compliance
    • Comply with statutory requirements relating to quality and safety assurance.

  • Flexibility
    • The software is known for its unique flexibility. Each component of the software can be configured to your specific needs. This makes that our software is fully process- and workflow supporting.

  • Personal dashboards and advanced reporting tools
    • Discover trends by using various types of charts – Exportable to Word, PDF, CSV, XML – Dynamic work lists with color indication – Customized templates for your reports.

  • Realize continuous improvement
    • Improvement actions are centrally recorded and monitored using the digital improvement tracking system, Improve 2.0. Complete the PDCA-cycle.

  • Integration
    • Standard interfaces with your EMR, HIS, HR system or Active Directory will result in a reduction of data entry errors and administrative burdens.

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Quality & Risk Management software for the Healthcare industry

Case studies

Northwest Clinics:
Since the organization-wide implementation of the improvement tracking system, the amount of action points increased from 30 to 175 per month. In addition, the mean throughput time for completed action points decreased from 250 days to 30 days.
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