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Collect data for your quality management


There are many different sources to collect data for your quality and risk management. The Patient Safety Company has been assisting organizations around the world improve their safety and quality for over 15 years.

With various applications, our software offers a flexible solution to record your data. Its strength is that you can use the same platform to take the next steps, such as analyzing, reporting and scheduling improvement actions.

Some applications that you can use to collect and report data:

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Flexibility and ease of use

Risk awareness starts with reporting near accidents, incidents, complaints or other undesirable situations. As employees do not always feel the sense of urgency (or take the time) to properly record, for example, an incident, user-friendliness is extremely important. We have therefore developed mobile-first forms that can be completed anywhere, any time and on any device.

Benefits of our web forms:

  • Fully customizable online forms;
  • Include 25 question types to record the required information;
  • Only relevant questions are shown;
  • Direct validation of imposed requirements;
  • Optional anonymous reporting;
  • No double entry thanks to an interface with your current HR system;
  • Add attachments, such as photos, videos or voice recordings;
  • Save draft versions and complete them at a later stage.
Want to learn more about our software?

Schedule a free online demo or discuss your needs with a specialist.

  • Learn things like creating an incident reporting form
  • See how easily you can analyse incidents and quality-related data

Stop using paper forms

Are incidents still reported on paper? Stop using paper forms and experience the convenience of a digital platform for risk management!

>> Application overview for 5 different types of healthcare incidents

A digital quality management system makes it possible to combine all activities aimed at improving quality and safety in one place. The organization thus knows what actions are taken, by whom and when. This immediately provides the tools to identify the risks and address them in a holistic manner.

When incidents are reported digitally you get a clear overview of the root causes and the different types of incidents. Without any additional actions, the nature and type of the reports are recorded.

When processes are automated, productivity and effectiveness improve too. Greater focus on automation and safety also immediately improves quality within your organization. Reports on reported incidents and complaints make it clear which parts of the processes can be improved.

Before purchasing a digital system, it is advisable to determine what triggered the need for such a system and what people want to achieve with the software. Our specialists are happy to share their thoughts with you, without any further obligation. Feel free to contact us through the contact form.

Free eBook

Incident Management eBook

Read our free eBook for more information about setting up incident management.

  • How do you ensure your organisation learns from incidents?
  • How to modernise to digital incident management?
  • Including tips for analysing incidents.

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