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Automate your quality and risk management processes


Nowadays, data is being collected at more and more locations within the organization to improve the quality and safety. These may include (near) incidents but also complaint forms, checklists or satisfaction surveys. To ensure that follow-up is manageable, more and more organizations decide to automate this process.

Does an incident require immediate attention? Or do you want to remind people of an upcoming deadline? Our software provides a flexible solution with not only the functionality to record data, but also the immediate automatic follow-up from a workflow. An automatic workflow is activated based on the data that are entered into the database.

From this workflow, the person reporting an incident can, for example, receive a confirmation via email. At the same time, the report is forwarded within the organization to the person responsible for follow-up. The result of the follow-up can also be automatically monitored through alert or email notifications.

The Patient Safety Company has been assisting organizations around the world to improve their safety and quality for over 15 years. Our platform offers flexibility and can be quickly implemented. If you want to know more about our software solutions, learn more here.

Workflow management possibilities

You have many options available to set up the workflow. It is an easy task that doesn’t require any technical background. Below we have listed a number of functions that are available to automate your workflow:

  • Send email
  • Add task
  • Invite colleague
  • Status notification
  • Anonymize contact details
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Digitizing your quality and risk management

Many organizations first need to transition from a paper-based to a digital quality management system. Only then can they also start to automate processes through a workflow.

A digital quality management system allows companies to combine all activities aimed at improving quality and safety in one place. The organization thus knows what actions are taken, by whom and when. This immediately provides tools to identify the risks and address them in a holistic manner.

When processes are automated, productivity increases at the same time. Greater focus on automation and safety also immediately improve your internal processes and the quality of the end product. Reports on reported incidents and complaints make it clear which parts of the processes can be improved.

Before purchasing a digital system, it is advisable to determine what triggered the need for such a system and what people want to achieve with the software. Our specialists are happy to share their thoughts with you, without any further obligation. Feel free to contact us through the contactform.

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