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    Who is The Patient Safety Company?

    It would be nice to write an entertaining story about how we can help healthcare organizations eliminate risks within their organization. The truth is that we can’t. There will always be risks, small or big. The main question is: Is the organization aware of the risks? Do you know which risks have priority? And which actions should you take to control these risks and eliminate them as much as possible?

    That is exactly what we do. The Patient Safety Company (TPSC) builds on 15 years of experience that contributes to quality and safety. As the name indicates, specialized in healthcare and patient safety. We do so by supplying proven software for quality and risk management.

    Per February 14th, 2020 we are part of symplr. With 3,000+ healthcare customers in the United States and 30+ years of industry experience, symplr is committed to improving healthcare operations and providing better outcomes for patients, providers, payers, and staff.

    Bringing TPSC’s flexible patient safety platform together with symplr’s provider data management and credentialing software enables us to deliver the leading enterprise solution for healthcare organizations around the world.

    Our unique software platform offers custom-made cloud solutions for data collection, workflow management, and process automation. Each solution identifies and analyzes risks, reveals trends, and enables continuous quality improvement. Together, the applications form a complete system for quality and risk management. Tailored to the needs of your organization: secure, user-friendly, modular, and integrated with existing systems.

    Worldwide TPSC is assisting over 500 organizations with their quality and risk management. As a result, they have improved their safety and quality, by increased control over incidents and the possibility to analyze and report on them. They initiate and monitor improvement actions. Our customers have automated processes and, as a result, improving the efficiency of their organization. However, we cannot do this alone and therefore work with a worldwide partner network.Globale presence TPSC

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    Benefits TPSC CloudTM software

    With our software, a complete Patient Safety platform is ready for you.

    Flexible platform

    Access anytime, anywhere, securely managed in the cloud. Flexible and scalable to organize due to the modular structure. With many options to adjust each part to your own needs.

    Easy implementation

    Quick and easy to set up. Due to the user-friendly design, no programming knowledge is required for the implementation. Our consultants are ready to help with your configuration.

    Low cost

    Our software is a cost-efficient solution for patient safety management, because many of the building blocks have already been made for you! Suitable for both small and large organizations.

    eBook: How to develop the internal business case

    Is your organization about to make the transition from a paper-based to a digital workplace? Or does the organization already have a digital quality management system to improve patient safety, but wants to replace it? In both cases it is advisable to develop a business case. Download our eBook and use it as guidance for writing your internal business case.

    Download eBook Business Case Quality Management System