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    Feel free to download for more in-dept information about patient safety, quality- and risk management in healthcare.


    Incident Management

    Learn how to make the transition from only registering incidents to optimizing care processes through incident analyzes and follow-up.

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    Cover-Just Culture-en

    Just Culture in healthcare

    This eBook describes the theoretical principles of a "Just Culture" related to a fictional but recognizable practical healthcare case.

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    COVID-19 checklist

    COVID-19 Checklist!

    Help your healthcare organization to be better prepared for the next corona outbreak. This checklist has more than 30 points to discuss for improvements.

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    Staff commitment

    Learn how to ensure your employees are intrinsically motivated to report incidents and to contribute to improving the quality of care.

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    eBook about a quality management system RFI


    The best FAQ's and associated answers from RFI's. Assess whether TPSC CLOUD™ is a suitable quality management system for your organization.

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    cover-Business Case-en

    Write a business case

    Is your organization considering to purchase a quality- and risk management system? This eBook helps with creating the internal business case.

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    Patient participation

    Learn how patient/client participation contributes to the quality and safety of care and which tools you can use to increase the participation.

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    Cover-Fundashon Mariadal e-book-en

    Case study Fundashon Mariadal

    Take a look in the kitchen of a progressive healthcare organization in the Dutch Caribbean with a unique quality management system.

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    cover-Veiligheidscultuur e-book-en

    Create safety together!

    This eBook describes the organizational culture of healthcare organizations and the interventions that contribute to creating a Just Culture.

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