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    Incident Management

    Learn how to make the transition from only registering incidents to optimizing care processes through incident analyzes and follow-up.

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    Cover-Just Culture-en

    Just Culture in healthcare

    This eBook describes the theoretical principles of a "Just Culture" related to a fictional but recognizable practical healthcare case.

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    eBook Blueprints Reporting Forms

    Reporting form blueprints

    Get 5 examples of quality and safety reporting forms, plus 14 tips on how to build your own incident reporting form.

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    eBook Patient Safety Roadmap

    Patient Safety Roadmap

    Develop your own patient safety roadmap, for more safety for patients and staff. The 10 effective strategies in this eBook will get you started right away.

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    Staff commitment

    Learn how to ensure your employees are intrinsically motivated to report incidents and to contribute to improving the quality of care.

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    eBook about a quality management system RFI


    The best FAQ's and associated answers from RFI's. Assess whether TPSC CLOUD™ is a suitable quality management system for your organization.

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    cover-Business Case-en

    Write a business case

    Is your organization considering to purchase a quality- and risk management system? This eBook helps with creating the internal business case.

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    Patient participation

    Learn how patient/client participation contributes to the quality and safety of care and which tools you can use to increase the participation.

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    Cover-Fundashon Mariadal e-book-en

    Case study Fundashon Mariadal

    Take a look in the kitchen of a progressive healthcare organization in the Dutch Caribbean with a unique quality management system.

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    cover-Veiligheidscultuur e-book-en

    Create safety together!

    This eBook describes the organizational culture of healthcare organizations and the interventions that contribute to creating a Just Culture.

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    COVID-19 checklist

    COVID-19 Checklist!

    Help your healthcare organization to be better prepared for the next corona outbreak. This checklist has more than 30 points to discuss for improvements.

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