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How to anonymize your personal data in TPSC Cloud

Updated at: 18 June 2020
How to anonymize personal data

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The possibility of anonymizing personal data in databases is becoming increasingly important. Topics such as privacy legislation, data breaches, network hacks, hostage servers at healthcare institutions are regularly in the news.

How to anonymize personal data

For example, when registering complaints or incidents, it is important to save personal data for the handling of the report. However, as soon as the complaint or incident has been dealt with, part of the data can be deleted or made anonymous. Other data can be stored for filing, reporting or analysis purposes.

Within the applications on the TPSC CloudTM platform it is possible to anonymize personal data and also to automate this process. There are two options when anonymizing. You can completely delete the personal data in a file, so you can no longer see whether anything has ever been there. Or you can replace the personal data with a *: this way you can see something was filled in, but you can’t see the original information anymore.

There are two options to automate the anonymization of the personal data. You can:

  • manage it in a workflow, as an action with the status "Completed". The anonymization is then carried out immediately;
  • set a business rule, that it should be done after 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, etc.

After you have determined the condition, you can set which data must be anonymized in a file. A file can be almost completely emptied, so not only personal data, but also multiple choice questions, text questions, etc.

In the video below we show you how to anonymize data by setting a business rule in the TPSC CloudTM software:

There are three main benefits when your organization handles patient, client and employee personal data in this way:

  • the organization complies with privacy legislation;
  • you remain in control of privacy-sensitive information;
  • users gain more confidence in the system (which can increase the willingness to report incidents among personnel).

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