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New reporting portal for quality and risk management

Updated at: 2 April 2021

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Always access to your personal overview

When you, as a user, report an incident via our platform, you can stay informed of the status via email. Because not everyone is happy with a full mailbox, we are going to add a new application: MyPortal.

MyPortal gives you, the reporter, direct access to all reports that you have made and other cases in which you are involved.

  • As a reporter you have a simple overview of all your reports via MyPortal. The information can be displayed in a list or in a graph.
  • You can also view the emails sent to you via other cases. If necessary, you can easily answer an open question directly in MyPortal.
  • Does your organization use the 'Peer Support' application, to support employees after an incident? Via MyPortal they have insight into the current peer support cases and the application helps with reminders of appointments that are planned. They also have access to their file and can check whether everything has been properly recorded.
  • Does your organization use the 'Improve 2.0' application, with the option of delegating an action? With a simple link between MyPortal and Improve 2.0, the user has a clear overview of all open actions.

Furthermore, it is good for the system administrator to know that the system automatically links a notification or action to the user, based on the email address. You do not have to add the reporter via user management.

We expect to make MyPortal available around Q1 2020. To align this reporting portal even better with daily practice, we are looking for a few users who want to think along and test.

Want to know more or do you want to be involved in the development?

Do you want to know more about the new reporting portal? Or do you want to be involved in this new development? Then contact our consultant Vayip Öztürk or leave a message through our contact form.