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About usWe deliver an important contribution to the safety & quality of healthcare by making refreshing and innovative technology available to any kind of healthcare organization

Our solutions for challenges in the healthcare industry

Healthcare processes are complex, are exposed to numerous risks and have to comply with a growing number of laws and regulation. In addition, patients, the community, insurance organizations, the inspections and do not forget the employees hold high expectations and demands of healthcare organizations.

A good and reliable recording of information, assurance of processes and simple communication about these are essential but often fall short.

TPSC software collects, records and monitors data. The data concerns incidents, complaints, improvements, audits, and other healthcare process records. These are recorded through online forms that can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices. Real-time and personal dashboards ensure that you always have management information available that is tailored to your specific needs.

TPSC’s Quality & Risk management platform, TPSC Cloud™

All this is included in our Quality & Risk Management Platform, TPSC Cloud™. The platform hosts custom cloud solutions for data gathering, workflow management, and process automation. Each solution identifies and analyses risks, discovers trends and facilitates continuous quality improvement.

The solutions are modular and easy to integrate with your current software applications. The flexibility of the software makes that the healthcare organization can respond quickly to changes. They are able to create new software solutions by themselves, which will serve their changing needs for information.

Our Quality & Risk Management software is used by more than 400 health care organizations worldwide and is available in 8 different languages. Our global partner network makes an important and valuable contribution to our customer network by providing expert, local support, including implementation of the platform, expert training, and local system support.

Beyond healthcare

At The Patient Safety Company, we aim to help each and every organization that has Quality and Safety at the very heart of their efforts. No matter of size, experience, or industry. To serve organizations outside the healthcare industry we created RiskSync. Same software, just another label!

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