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Safety IQ incident reporting for pharmacies

Updated at: 29 April 2021
Safety IQ incident reporting for pharmacies in Manitoba

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Under the Safety IQ program, it will be mandatory for all community pharmacies in Manitoba, Canada to report medication and near-miss events. This program enables pharmacists to improve patient safety and supports better patient health outcomes.

With the Quality Related Event (QRE) application that The Patient Safety Company had developed for Sobeys we gained a lot of experience with working with pharmacies and improving medication-related safety and quality. This application is implemented with more than 400 pharmacies. It is fully adapted to Sobeys' requirements and includes not only community pharmacies, but also pharmacies in long-term care facilities.

New incident reporting application

To support the community pharmacies in Manitoba we have developed a new solution that meets the requirements as stated in The Medication Incident Reporting Platform Criteria. We offer mapping and API integration with ISMP Canada to submit data anonymously to the National Incident Data Repository for Community Pharmacies (NIDR). This means that incidents reported into the TPSC solution are automatically uploaded into the NIDR database without any manual mapping or copying of data.

Criteria Safety IQ medication incident reporting platform

The following criteria have been taken into account in the development of the online application:

  • reporting capabilities, like submission to the national database and keeping the data anonymous
  • intelligence capabilities, like real-time summary reports and online tools for documenting improvement plans
  • mandatory and optional reporting fields
  • data security and privacy, with data securely hosted on servers located in Canada
  • access to Safety IQ resources

Check our press release for more information about our implementation for Sobeys.

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