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Software to improve patient safety

Within the healthcare sector there is a strong focus on improving patient safety. Whether you are a patient/client, family member, caregiver, doctor, quality officer or director of a healthcare institution, everyone is looking for greater patient safety. But, how can you achieve safe care that focuses on the patient?

Our incident management application is the solution to report and analyze (near) incidents in healthcare.

This solution allows all employees to report a (near) incident by filling out a simple online form. The software supports several analysis methodologies to find the causes of the incident and to initiate improvement plans. The ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ method has been fully integrated in the app.

Thanks to the many configuration options, the application can be fully tailored to the processes and workflow of your organization.

Benefits of the software

  1. 1
    A report form that can be easily and quickly filled out online
  2. 2
    Step-by-step guidance through the entire workflow process
  3. 3
    Internationally recognized analysis methodologies
  4. 4
    Recording, follow up & monitoring of improvement plans
  5. 5
    Management dashboards & reporting possibilities

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The impact of your incident management solution

If the digital incident management solution is properly implemented, the impact will be noticeable throughout your entire organization. See below for an overview of some results that can be achieved:

  1. 1
    Employee commitment in the event of incidents will increase and thus the willingness to report (near) incidents;
  2. 2
    The efficiency of your organization improves as information is digitally and centrally accessible;
  3. 3
    The patient safety improves by learning from (near) incidents and from implementing improvements in your processes;
  4. 4
    The learning effects within your organization are ever-increasing as departments start to exchange experiences and improvement proposals;
  5. 5
    A safe workplace is created for employees, with less risks for other stakeholders and the direct environment;
  6. 6
    Failure costs (for high-risk projects) decrease as adjustments can be implemented quickly and activities need to be put on hold for less time
  7. 7
    The profitability of your organization improves as a result of the combination of the above factors.
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