New TPSC Ebook: Healthcare Safety Culture

New TPSC Ebook: Healthcare Safety CultureSafety is our joint effort! 22 February

Rules, protocols, guidelines and risk analyses – the so-called hard factors of safety – are of the essence in order to ensure the provision of good and safe patient care. But more attention must be paid to the soft side of safety. Creating a safety culture has the focus here.

Only very little research has been undertaken into culture-changing interventions aimed at improving healthcare. However, we can use examples from management and organizational sciences that emphasize the importance of seeing healthcare in the proper context. This is what this e-book does.

E-book about creating a Healthcare Safety Culture

Download our Safety Culture E-book and read about the characteristics of the general culture that prevails in healthcare institutions. The e-book provides you practical interventions that contribute to a just culture:

  • How do you make the switch from old to new behavior?
  • How do you change the mindset of healthcare professionals?
  • What is the role of the management?
  • How do multidisciplinary team trainings contribute?
  • How can quality & risk management software support your organization?

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