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    Software to manage your improvement plans

    Our Improve Light application is one of our solutions to manage and monitor your improvement plans.

    Are quality and safety part of your day-to-day activities in the organization? Do you use tools like incident management, complaints registration and audits? But do you also face challenges managing the subsequent improvement actions? Experience shows that improvement actions are being identified, but not managed systematically. A missed opportunity because improvement is required in order to achieve strategic objectives.

    Improve Light is a ready-made module to manage improvement actions. Create one central overview, monitor progress of improvement actions and assess the results to realize structural improvement.

    Do you want to know more about our other software solutions? Our platform offers flexibility and is fast; take a look at the overview of possibilities that our software offers.

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    Benefits of this improvement application

    Improve Light is the ready-made module. Nowadays, most customers opt for Improvement Manager, the digital improvement tracking system. The flexibility offered by this application allows you to start quickly and to tailor the design to the needs of your organization.

    See below for more information on the benefits of Improvement Manager or download the product sheet with all the information.

    • A tailor-made solution
      Improvement Manager is a best-practice solution. Thanks to the many configuration options, the application can be fully tailored to the processes within your organization.
    • Initiate improvement actions from any source
      Employees submit improvement actions through an online form. Improvement actions may also come from TPSC applications or external applications.
    • Central guarantee
      Improvement Manager is the application where all improvement actions from the entire organization come together and are being approved. Improvement actions can be incorporated into projects.
    • Supporting processes
      The application contains automatic status transitions. Emails and notifications guide parties involved through the improvement process. Assessments can be scheduled and recorded immediately.
    • Increase in improvement actions
      The initiator is informed about the status of the improvement action. This increases commitment and will result in an increasing number of improvement actions.
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    Structured approach to your improvement plan

    Within our software we use a structured approach to go through the improvement steps: The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

    The PDCA cycle reflects four activities that apply to all improvements within organizations and that must ensure better quality. The cyclical nature emphasizes that quality improvement should be a continuous process that requires continuous attention.

    The four activities according to the PDCA cycle:

    • PLAN: Look at current activities and develop a plan to improve these activities. Set objectives for this improvement;
    • DO: Implement the planned improvement in a controlled setup;
    • CHECK: Measure the result of the improvement and compare it with the original situation and check it against the objectives set;
    • ACT: Adjust based on the results obtained at CHECK.
    PDCA cyclus

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