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Patient Safety - Occurrence Variance ReportingDownload the presentation 01 January

Quality managers in hospitals use different ways to report incidents, analyze them and devise improvement measures. Most of these ways are paper-based or an in-house developed, simple reporting system that lacks analysis features and tools.

The transformation from such early systems to a properly qualified incident reporting system with root-cause analysis tools, FMEA tools, and continuous quality management tools is a satisfying journey for a quality manager.

In 2016 we organized an online seminar in which a well-renowned, Dubai-based quality manager - Ms. Obaida Qatuni - told about her experience with two such transformations; one for a public health system and the second for a private healthcare system. The presentation is published online and is free to download.

The presentation covers:

  • How to prepare your hospital for the transformation
  • How to face unforeseen challenges & resolve them
  • How to prepare Leadership for change
  • How the transformation may affect SOPs
  • How the transformation may affect Hospital Safety Culture
  • What impact will transformation have on Accreditation

The presentation is of interest for: 

  • Healthcare Quality Managers
  • Healthcare Risk Managers
  • Quality Officers of Medical Districts
  • Nursing Directors

Download the presentation

About Ms. Obaida Qatuni

Ms. Obaida leads VPS Health Quality Management Department since 2013 responsible for  Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, Medeor Hospital 24/7, Medeor Downtown Medical Center, Burjeel Medical Wellness Center and other projects in the pipeline in Dubai and Northern Emirates. In the past, she served as the Quality & Risk Officer of Dubai Health Authority Hospital Service Sector that includes DHA’s 4 main hospitals and 4 specialized centers. In her current role, she is in charge of processing all risk management, quality and excellence programs such as JCIA, Arab Health Award, DQAP, IMTJ, CCPC, and other projects at the group level.

She is CPHQ certified and a Trained JCI surveyor. She has led many quality initiatives during her career in UAE & Jordan. These include DHCC Outpatients Standards Second Edition Review, JCI Fifth Edition Standards Review, DHCC 2011 Strategy Review, DGFC 2012 CPQ Achievement and ISO15189 Initiation to DGFC IVF Lab.

Ms. Obaida served on multiple quality committees including DGEP Core Committee, DHA Quality Forum, DHA Risk Management Forum, and leads the Online Incident and Risk Management System at DHA-HSS level. She was instrumental in JCI Accreditation of Rashid Hospital Lab (2007, 2010), JCI Accreditation of Burjeel Hospital (2015) and Medeor 24/7 (2016), achieved TEMOS accreditation for BHAS as first specialized hospital over the world and achieved Dubai Government Excellency award for individual and DDC at DHA as well as BHAS.

More information? 

Is your organization considering the transition from a paper-based, or in-house build, incident reporting tool to an advanced online incident management system? And do you have specific questions about the process ahead?  Or do you want to know more about the incident management solutions of TPSC? Please do not hesitate to contact us or request an online demo. We would love to hear from you. 

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