TPSC's 16 most-used applications

Discover the limitless possibilities of TPSC Cloud™

TPSC's 16 most-used applicationsTPSC Cloud™: No-code development platform for Quality & Risk Management solutions 09 May

Each TPSC customer uses TPSC Cloud™ to report, analyze and prevent incidents and near misses. But there are more aspects to quality and safety. Ideally, all these aspects are managed in one central system. In this way, data is registered and managed in a uniform way throughout the whole organization. Cross connections and trends become visible, creating huge value to the organization!

With TPSC Cloud™ you have a modular, point-&-click development platform at the tip of your fingers. With the support of one of our TPSC-consultants, you are able to build your own applications that meet the specific needs of your organization. Some of our customers manage over 30 applications! In more there is value!

We created a sheet with a short selection of applications build in cooperation with our customers. Download the sheet and discover the limitless possibilities of TPSC Cloud™:

TPSC’s 16 most-used applications

Let us know if one of these applications could be of interest to you. Or maybe you have a good idea for a possible new application? 

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