Profile DMED 

DMED was created in 2004 and it arose from the need of a group of professionals who have, independently, developed and participated in activities related to the health sector over the past 15 years as official dealers of Agfa Health Care for the Metropolitan Region in Chile.

During 2009, a decision was made by DMED to establish a drugstore, authorised by the health authorities in 2010, as a way to expand their business within the health sector. At present, DMED distributes products and services to the Diagnostic, Imaging and Medication areas at major local and multinational laboratories.

DMED´s mission consists of promoting and marketing quality products and services, as well as innovative technologies, strategies and processes to improve diagnosis and health care.


Contact data

Contact person: Rodrigo Tenderini, CEO


Phone: (56-2) 240 9000

Av. Los Leones 2376
Providencia, Santiago


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