Niche Health & Social Care Consulting

Niche Health & Social Care Consulting

 Niche Health & Social Care Consulting

We provide healthcare governance support, independent investigations and review services and specialist economic analysis to healthcare providers (including mental health, acute, specialist, ambulance, primary and community), social care partners, commissioners, local authorities and regulatory organisations.

Our team of practitioners and associates are amongst the best subject matter expert (SME) specialists in the country and we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the market, to develop our own primary research bank and make sure our clients have the best thought leadership available.

We have developed our specialist consultancy model to ensure our clients gain the advantage of our combined expertise in governance, investigations and quality improvement economics. We have developed unique models to ensure that governance, patient safety and quality improvement are central to the productivity and efficiency agenda in support of the notion that ‘good care costs less’.


Contact data

Contact person: Tom McCarthy, Managing Partner


Phone: +44 (0)7860 243019

Emerson House, 9th Floor
Albert Street
Manchester M30 0BG
0161 785 1001
United Kingdom

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