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Vital Quadro Consultancy

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Vital Quadro (VQ) Consultancy is a Dubai-based consultancy firm that was established in 2004. VQ provides consultancy and project management support in Healthcare, Environment and Safety. VQ consultants are able to demonstrate vast experience with project references in the Gulf & the Levant region.

In Healthcare, VQ provides services to new facilities from the planning phases through designing and construction. At operational phase, our services include quality management, risk management and patient safety.

In Safety, VQ provides safety management System assessments, developing and monitoring of safety systems as well as training. VQ consultants are trained and certified by the National Safety Council (Chicago). They are also trainers and training facilitators.

In Environment, VQ develop EIAs, RAs, Management system development and environmental management auditing.


Contact data

Contact person: Riad M. Mahfouz, CHCQM Manager


Phone: +971 4 3623623
Fax: +971 4 4566184

521 Blue Bay Tower, Business Bay
PO Box 440145, Dubai
United Arab Emirates


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