Custom Solutions

Develop your own custom solutions!

Custom Solutions

The strength of our software (platform) TPSC Cloud™ is the ability to develop applications yourself.

Custom solutions available for every healthcare organization

Due to the flexibility and user-friendly interface, everyone can develop their own software solution or easily adjust existing ones. By using point and click technology, there is no need for programming. 

Develop what your organization needs!

With our software platform TPSC Cloud™ you develop applications, tailor made to the specific needs of your healthcare organization. In this way you can exactly configure the data sets, organization rules and workflow that your organization requires. Of course, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Our expert consultants can configure the application you require. 

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  • Flexible data capturing
    • All the desired data elements you want to capture in an online form or file can be easily created. You can choose from about 25 question types, like date, time, text, select and calculation fields.

  • Workflow and alerts
    • The flexible and configurable workflow will allow automating any process you have. Automatic actions and alerts support your business process.

  • Get any desired overview
    • Group, filter and browse through your data to get valuable insights. Create any desire overview by using dynamic working lists. 

  • User Management
    • The TPSC Cloud™ development platform includes an intelligent and multi-level user management by which you can define, allocate and manage the rights of the users. 

  • Management Dashboards & Reports
    • You always have up-to-date management information through real-time dashboards and reports. Generate automatically reports by using standard templates for your periodic reports. 

  • Audit trail
    • Track changes within a file. You can always see who, and when has made which changes to a file. 

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Case studies

Michelle McEvoy - Director of Qaulity, Vein Clinics of America:
The support and collaboration with TPSC has been excellent! The implementation of the cloud applications for our Risk Management System are always well managed.
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