Satisfaction surveys

Measure and improve the perceived quality of care!

Satisfaction surveys

Patients, clients and their relatives are an invaluable resource when it comes to improving the quality of care.

Involve patients and clients in improving healthcare

Patients and clients are experience-experts. They are the only ones that pass through the entire care process. By actively listening to experiences of patients/clients and their relatives the quality and safety of care can be substantially improved, without requiring major change processes. Besides matters that are actually visible (like incidents), also matters that are less tangible can be made visible. For example inadequate communication, unfair treatment or a bad atmosphere.

Online satisfaction surveys

Online satisfaction surveys allow measuring the assessment of care at any given time. For example after visiting the outpatient clinic, upon discharge after hospitalization, while waiting in a waiting room or at home. Results are shown real-time in dashboards and overviews. Trends will become visible and are used to determine which interventions can be deployed to improve the quality of care.

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