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Assign a deputy to follow-up incidents during your vacation

Updated at: 11 June 2020

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Ensure the follow-up of incidents during holidays

As a follow-up to the request of a few customers, the "Deputy"-functionality is developed. This functionality can come in handy during the holiday season. Suppose you want to take two weeks off during the holidays. Who takes care of your duties? For example, the follow-up of incidents, which cannot always just wait two weeks. You can solve that with the "Deputy"-functionality.

With this, you can easily assign another colleague for the role you have in our software. You can set this authority yourself, without the intervention of the administrator or IT department. An important condition here is that the person who receives this temporary authorization is already a user in the system. It is important that this person is already known in the application and the work processes related to, for example, a reported incident. To be able to set this up, the rights must be set correctly: you must have the rights to manage deputy's and the other person must have the rights to act as a deputy. This must be set only once by your administrator.

How to assign a deputy?

  1. Log into the account whose rights you want to delegate;
  2. Go to the bottom left of your user information to "Manage deputies";
  3. Click with your right mouse button to create a new assignment;
  4. Search for the other user in the new window;
  5. Click on "Assign";
  6. You can optionally specify a start and end date for this authority;
  7. Save and Close

Please note: when you organize this, you pass on all your rights, not the corresponding notifications. The replacement must still log in to see if there are any tasks.

Additional tip!

This functionality is also useful when you have two accounts in the system, for example, if you are a manager of different departments. Then your rights are stacked in the system and you no longer have a good overview per different department. This can be solved by transferring the rights of 1 of your accounts to your other account. From that moment on you can work in both accounts via 1 login and the data will remain separate and structured.
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