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Mobile-first form to capture quality data in healthcare

Updated at: 11 June 2020

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Optimized user experience

The newest version of TPSC Cloud™ comes with a mobile-first form to optimize user experience.

Now, staff and patients can report an incident or complaint, submit an idea for improvement, complete a survey, etc., using their tablet or mobile phone!

Below you can read about the main features of the new form:

  1. Mobile-first
    The form is optimized for use on mobile phone or tablet. This means that we adjusted the layout and content to the size and performance of your mobile device with touch screens.
  2. Use it on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop!
    Mobile-first does not mean that the form is less attractive to use on your desktop. The mobile-first form can be used on any device with a web browser.
  3. Single page
    The new form is one single page and does not contain ‘next’ or ‘previous’ buttons or tabs. You can easily scroll through the form. Based on the answers given, sub-forms or branches are automatically shown.
  4. Direct validation
    If answers are missing or do not comply with the set requirements, this is immediately communicated with a warning.
  5. Faster
    Due to applying the newest programming techniques, the form is much faster than the current form.
  6. Adding attachments
    The mobile-first form makes use of the functionalities of your mobile device. For example, the camera on your tablet or mobile phone. From the form, you can access the camera, take a picture or make a short video and add it as an attachment.
  7. The layout doesn’t change
    Current forms are converted to mobile-first forms within the click of a button! There is no need to redesign your forms. The layout of your forms stay the same and are automatically adjusted to the size of your screen.
  8. Applicable per application
    The organization can decide per application if and when forms are converted to mobile-first forms.
  9. Desktop application
    The mobile-first form comes with the option to access the form without the need to log-in/have an account. In this way, everybody – from within or outside the organization – can report an incident, complaint, complete a survey, submit an idea for improvement, etc.
More information?

Do you want more information about the mobile first form? Please do not hesitate to contact us.