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Benchmarking between Dutch Caribbean healthcare institutions

Updated at: 15 November 2021
Dutch Caribbean Health Information System

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Collaboration and benchmarking among healthcare institutions

Some years ago, The Patient Safety Company (TPSC) flew to the Dutch Caribbean to visit the Healthcare Conference HCCA in Aruba and some of our customers. During the conference, one thing became very clear; healthcare organizations from the islands are facing some serious challenges. In the first blog, you can learn more about the challenges of the Dutch Caribbean healthcare institutions.

One of these challenges is the lack of data to make informed business decisions in the field of quality and safety. In the second blog, we were digging deeper into this issue and show how two hospitals from Aruba and Bonaire found their solution in automating processes.

This blog describes how the Hospital from Bonaire, Fundashon Mariadal, functions as an example for other organizations from the islands. By doing so, something outstanding is achieved; unifying healthcare organizations and the islands in a Dutch Caribbean Health Information System.

Cost-effective solution to quality management

Fundashon Mariadal is very advanced in the process of automating its processes. Consequently, most of the healthcare organizations on the islands are engaging with Fundashon Mariadal to learn from their experience. Together with The Patient Safety Company, Fundashon Mariadal helps other organizations automate their processes.

Applications from Fundashon Mariadal are being shared with other organizations and then customized to each organization individually. This lowers the development costs substantially. By sharing and learning from each other, also small organizations can find the resources to participate and use technology that normally would not be within their reach.

All together we are creating a community for all healthcare organizations to learn, share knowledge, improve and work more efficiently. With Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital, Fundashon Mariadal, Instituto Medical San Nicolas, St. Elisabeth Hospital, Mental Health Caribbean, and St. Eustatius Healthcare Foundation almost all the islands are represented in this group. 


The need to bring all the islands more together, increase collaboration and share information has also resulted in an initiative to set up a benchmark point where all islands can compare data within certain areas, share lessons learned, and engage with one another. For example, if Hospital A identifies that Hospital B is having fewer incidents or complaints than Hospital A.

Realizing a Dutch Caribbean Healthcare Information System

Finally, by slowly bringing all healthcare organizations on the islands under the TPSC umbrella with a unified platform, applications, and benchmark point, a Dutch Caribbean Healthcare Information System is created. The goal is to move away from a production-based system to a patient-focused system, from cost-efficiency to creating value with limited resources. Realizing a healthcare paradise!

Dutch Carribean health information system EN v21

As shown, the Quality Management System of Fundashon Mariadal functions as an example for other healthcare organizations.

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