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Updated at: 14 April 2023

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From 2008 to now: how is TPSC Cloud™ in the long run?


Dimence Group consists of 7 foundations in the Netherlands, working in the regions of Almelo, Deventer and Zwolle. Each foundation has its own target group:

Together they share the ambition to improve mental health care, social participation and well-being in their area of operation.

With a group of more than 2,400 employees and over 50,000 clients and participants each year, it is crucial that healthcare incidents can be safely reported.

When this issue became increasingly important to mental health institutions in 2008, Dimence Group came to The Patient Safety Company for their incident management software.

Over the years, they have slowly migrated to a customized complete quality management system, which provides support for auditing, improvement planning, and Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE) processes.

Why did Dimence Group choose the TPSC platform?

When Dimence Group started looking for a software vendor in 2008, four parties were chosen to present their solutions. From these, it emerged that in several respects The Patient Safety Company best met the needs and requirements of the organization.

Especially important for Dimence Group were:

  • User-friendliness and clarity;
  • Flexibility and speed of applications;
  • Insightfulness and helpfulness.

Because Decentralized Risk Coordinators (DRCs) and Decentralized Safety Coordinators (DSCs) sometimes emphasize other topics for mental health institutions, it is important that the system can be quickly adapted to this. Since development with the TPSC platform is fast and smooth, it also pays to implement small applications, even those that are only needed for a short time.

"The beauty of the system is that you can still quickly support a process with relatively little effort" (René Rust, Head of Computerization and Automation)

Does the software still meet expectations?

A few times during the application’s lifetime adjustments have been made, for example, to the questionnaires and to how cases are inventoried. The application is now focused on reporting, inventory and improvement, and there is an integral picture of reports and follow-ups.

Where necessary, the existing processes are continually extended; for example, a process was built with our TPSC consultant to support follow-up calls on waiting lists.

One learning was to always check first whether existing auxiliary systems can be used, so that already available solutions are used optimally.

This is how the application helps with daily challenges

Together with TPSC, the Improve module was built. This merges the improvements from all kinds of components into a single system. As a result, everything can be consulted in one place and reports can also be extracted from it on request.

For user-friendliness, it is nice that all information for both managers and employees is now clearly available in the same system, which also makes it easier to follow up on information. This makes the application as helpful as possible for the process managers themselves.

How is the collaboration with The Patient Safety Company?

In terms of cooperation it is great that Dimence Group has had the same TPSC consultant for years, who knows all facets of the system. This makes it easy to switch gears and to quickly find the right people when questions arise.

Continuous improvements to the platform

TPSC's user interface has some subtle differences from that of other programs, which can sometimes cause confusion for new users.

However, TPSC takes feedback about the platform seriously and is continuously making improvements to further optimize the product for its customers. For example, an update to the UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) will be released soon, which will further improve the ease of use.

"TPSC really listens to their customers and does something with the feedback they receive." (René Rust, Head of Computerization and Automation)

The future with the software

There is increasing attention from the DRCs on Safe Incident Reporting and the RIE process. Although the entire RIE system is already set up, it may still be going to see changes on the user side. This ultimately also has quite an impact on patient safety. Internally, more and more attention is being paid to this.

In addition, a goal of the improvements to the application is that it can be used more often and for shorter periods of time instead of less often for long periods of time, so that employees also have enough time to perform their daily tasks. This makes the software more attuned to the ambitions and ease of use of those responsible for the quality process.

Focus on data

In addition to improvements to the application, more and more is being done with data. Thanks to the insights gained from data, proactive work can be done to improve the care system. From solving problems after the fact, a shift is made to learning and preventive action.

Vitaal & Veilig Thuis

Together with TPSC, the platform was used in a project with Vitaal & Veilig Thuis (VVT). This involved interviews at people's homes with a questionnaire to see if vulnerable target groups can still live safely in their home environment. Where necessary, based on these interviews, services are then deployed to further improve safety for these people, for example by installing fire alarms.

This is a project we are very proud of and is a good example of how the software can also be put to good use in the community to improve safety there.

Want to know more?

Do you have questions as a result of this case about Dimence Group? Or perhaps a more substantive question about quality management or patient safety? Our specialists would be happy to help you further.

Or would you like to know more about the possibilities with our software for your own organization? We would love to hear from you. Fill in the contact form on our website or call +31 72 - 8200 400.

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