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Download eBook: RFI TPSC Cloud™

Request for information Quality & Risk Management System

Frequently asked questions

On a regular basis we receive RFI’s from care institutions that want to purchase a digital quality management system and that are interested in TPSC Cloud™. RFI stands for Request for Information and is a document that contains the needs and wants that need to be met by a digital quality management system.

Cover-RFI quality management systemThis eBook is written for organizations that are in the process of purchasing a digital Quality Management System and was compiled by comparing several RFI-documents and combining the frequently asked questions.

You can use the eBook in two ways:

  • To write a Request for Information for your own organization.
  • To assess if TPSC Cloud™ may be a suitable system for your own organization.

Downloading information about acquiring quality & risk management software is probably not something you do on a daily basis. It is therefore possible that we contact you to discuss what triggers you to download our eBook. Maybe we can help you further!

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