Performance Health Partners US

Performance Health Partners US

At Performance Health Partners (PHP), our mission is to strengthen compliance and risk management by making it more accessible, manageable and cost-effective.

Founded in 2014, amidst the rapidly changing healthcare marketplace, our aim is to provide compliance solutions through support from certified compliance professionals and best-in-class technology so that providers can concentrate their limited resources on what it is they do best, providing high-quality healthcare to their patients.

Our approach to compliance and risk management provides holistic support from certified specialists through highly customized workflows that are brought to life through our dynamic and fully comprehensive technology platform. Performance Health Partners helps fill resource gaps by providing the ongoing advisory support and customized compliance capabilities healthcare organizations need to stay informed and remain audit-ready.

  • Specialist:  One common, ongoing support team.
  • Content:  One common up-to-date regulatory resource.
  • Technology: One common depository that will house information from all departments involved in compliance and risk management.

Contact data

Contact person: Jessie Smith, Vice President
Phone: (713)854-7237

1010 Common St. Suite 2360
New Orleans, LA 70112
United States

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