Consumer Feedback

Listen to your patients & clients

Consumer Feedback

Collect feedback to improve the quality & service of the healthcare organization.

Feedback is valuable information, proper handling is essential!

Feedback from patients, their relatives and/or third parties must always be taken seriously. A fast and accurate handling will transform any negative experience into a positive. Despite the negative feedback, a good reputation can be created and high costs of any claims can be avoided.

Collect and handle feedback in an easy manner 

Feedback is easy to collect by means of an online form or backend file. The feedback is handled and progress is monitored from the back-office and improvement actions are initiated.

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Case studies

Melanie Maracle - Gerente de Riesgo Corporativo, Quinte Healthcare:
I have been very happy with the usability and customizability of the software. We have been able to design a reporting system that meets the needs of our organization.
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