Improve 2.0

Realize continuous quality improvement

Improve 2.0

Register, track and manage points of improvement and complete the PDCA-cycle.

Realize continuous quality improvement

Are you responsible for managing quality and safety within your organization? Do you use tools like incident management, complaints management, and audits? But do you also face challenges managing resulting points of improvement? Experience shows that points of improvement are identified, but not managed systematically. Causing that chances to improve the quality and safety of healthcare remain unused. 

Support the improvement process

Improve 2.0 collects improvement actions from the whole organization. All points of improvement are registered at a central location. Supporting transparency, responsibility and assurance. 

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See the benefits
  • Initiate improvement actions from different sources
    • Employees submit improvement actions by using an online form. Improvement actions can also be initiated out of any TPSC application or external applications.

  • Central recording
    • Improve 2.0 is the application that collects improvement actions from the whole organization. Multiple improvement actions can be brought together in a ‘project’.

  • Process supporting
    • The application includes automatic status transitions Emails inform the people involved about status transitions and actions to take. Employees involved can only see and adjust information that is intended for them.

  • Increase of improvement actions
    • The initiator of the improvement action is informed about the status of the action during each step of the process. This will increase involvement, which will result in an increasing number of improvement actions submitted.

  • A tailored solution
    • Improve 2.0 is a best practice solution. Due to the many configuration options, the application can be fully customized to the processes in your organization.

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