Improve 2.0

Take the next step in quality management

Improve 2.0

Initiate, centrally record and execute improvement actions from any source.

Improve to achieve strategic goals

Are you responsible for managing quality and safety within you organization? Do you use resources like adverse events, complaints registration and audits? But do you also face challenges managing the results of your improvements? Experience from several healthcare organizations shows that improvements are often identified, but not managed systematically. A missed opportunity! Realizing suggested improvements successfully creates the foundation to achieve strategic goals.

Support the improvement process

Improve 2.0 collects improvement actions from the whole organization. Create a central overview and monitor lead times to improve structurally. 

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See the benefits
  • Initiate improvement actions from different sources
    • Employees submit improvement actions by using an online form. Improvement actions can also be initiated out of any TPSC application or external applications.

  • Central recording
    • Improve 2.0 is the application that collects improvement actions from the whole organization. Multiple improvement actions can be brought together in a ‘project’.

  • Process supporting
    • The application includes automatic status transitions Emails inform the people involved about status transitions and actions to take. Employees involved can only see and adjust information that is intended for them.

  • Increase of improvement actions
    • The initiator of the improvement action is informed about the status of the action during each step of the process. This will increase involvement, which will result in an increasing number of improvement actions submitted.

  • A tailored solution
    • Improve 2.0 is a best practice solution. Due to the many configuration options, the application can be fully customized to the processes in your organization.

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Case studies

Ms. Obaida Qatuni, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery:
With the time saved we can free our hands and minds for further growth and focus on what else we can do to maximize Quality & Safety.
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