Incident Management

From quality management to patient safety

Incident Management

The solution to report, analyze and prevent near misses & incidents.

How do you ensure that your organization will learn from the incidents reported? Many organizations still find it difficult to organize their incident management. Besides reporting your near misses and incidents, it's also important to do proper analyzes on these incidents and to report this data to management and the colleagues involved.

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  • How to make the switch to digital incident reporting;
  • Practical solutions for analyzing incidents; 
  • Tips for sharing lessons learned with your colleagues;
  • How quality & risk management software can support patient safety

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Report and analyze incidents and improve processes

By using the TPSC Cloud™ solution, every employee and patient can report a near miss or incident, through an easy to fill in online form using a desktop or mobile device. The solution supports various internationally recognized analytical methods to analyze the event & to initiate improvement process that reduces risks and improves patient safety.

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