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    Quality management in healthcare

    QMS, or Quality Management System, is perhaps one of the most common abbreviations dotting the healthcare landscape. This is not surprising in itself, since quality of care is what your patients demand and what your people want to provide. Moreover, stakeholders, shareholders, and regulatory authorities increasingly call for full implementation of quality management in healthcare organizations.

    Despite their familiar ring, however, quality management healthcare applications are often considered secondary to other cornerstones of sound care policy, such as patient safety and incident management aspects. The Patient Safety Company has a proven track-record of integrating quality management into broader healthcare procedures, making shared, digital software solutions part of your ongoing efforts to provide the best care for your patients, and the best job conditions for your staff.

    What does quality management in healthcare mean?

    We advise all our prospective clients to pause and ask themselves: “what does quality management mean in healthcare?” We all want to improve the quality across the full spectrum of the care we provide, but that requires a thorough understanding of what total quality management entails.

    The question of what is quality management hinges on our definition of quality standards: these are the criteria we set for our care to comply with and if possible, to surpass. These particular criteria largely depend on your type of organization and the patients and health aspects that constitute your area of expertise.

    Our dedicated software solutions are designed with sufficient flexibility to accommodate any healthcare institution and procedure. “Yes,” you may wonder, “but what does such a quality management system mean for my organization, my people, and most importantly, for the patients we work hard for every day?”

    You are about to discover how a comprehensive, total quality management system facilitates effective and intelligent improvement of your services, working conditions, and patient risks. Thorough risk assessment is a sound starting point for a fitting quality management system, from which to develop a comprehensive quality management plan.

    Important aspects of quality management
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    How to develop a quality management plan

    A quality management plan must include all relevant aspects of the care that your people provide. This covers organization objectives, service quality and continuity; but moreover, it should encompass the best working conditions for your staff to ensure that patients benefit fully from the healthcare that is at the core of your institution.

    The TPSC Cloud is your ticket to fast, accurate and comprehensive quality management software that ticks all of these boxes. Online forms and mobile apps make accessibility self-evident for all users. Automation and data-based analysis leads to decision-making that improves care quality, patient safety, and risk analysis simultaneously. That way, your people can focus on the tasks at hand while all players in the organization contribute to ongoing quality improvement.

    Although all our solutions can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs, any example of a quality management template must comply fully with ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 standards. A quality management system certificate must include such internationally accepted standards, but we go far beyond these basic norms.

    ISO 9001

    ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for any quality management system. For most enterprises, being ISO 9001 certified is the minimum criterion for doing business. Moreover, this ISO 9001 requirement is a sign of trustworthy quality management for all patients, clients, and professional referrals. Making your quality management system ISO 9001 compliant is therefore a basic requirement as well a clear mark of your dedication to providing the best service and care.

    Obviously, our quality management system software goes above and beyond these ISO 9001 standards. This is simply one of the basic building block we integrate into our quality management system template, regardless of the other elements you wish to add to your personal management mix.  

    ISO 9000

    Our software is also in full compliance with ISO 9000 standards. These additional standards provide additional guidelines on what quality management system standards should entail, further substantiating your QMS to meet all international expectations.

    Doel Kwaliteitsmanagementsysteem
    What is the purpose of a Quality Management System?

    “Many healthcare organizations choose to digitally process quality indicators. Data is centrally available for realtime monitoring. So staff can take immediate action to improve".

    Succesvolle implementatie kwaliteitsmanagement
    Successful implementation of quality management?

    “The implementation of a digital quality management system entails a new working method. This can make acceptance by employees more difficult”.

    Quality management blogs:


    Quality management courses

    TPSC also provides tried and tested quality management courses for your staff. We do so to educate, train, and familiarize your people with the full scope of our quality management software applications. Our track record of quality management courses in Canada proves that we provide both the training and the tools that healthcare professionals need to implement a quality management that suits the country’s unique care environment.

    Of course, training your staff through quality management online courses is a practical means of embracing the speed, convenience, and readily shared user-friendliness that our quality management software solutions embody. We make sure that your quality improvement starts straight from square one!

    Overview ready-made applications:
    We have various ready-made applications for quality management. You can quickly start using these applications and adapt them to the specific situation in your organization.

    eBook: How to develop the internal business case

    Is your organization about to make the transition from paper to digital work? Or does the organization have a digital quality management system they want to replace? In both cases the best advice is to make a business case. Download our eBook for help with your business case.

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    Benefits TPSC CloudTM software

    With our software, a complete Patient Safety platform is ready for you.

    Flexible platform

    Access anytime, anywhere, securely managed in the cloud. Flexible and scalable to organize due to the modular structure. With many options to adjust each part to your own needs.

    Easy implementation

    Quick and easy to set up. Due to the user-friendly design, no programming knowledge is required for the implementation. Our consultants are ready to help with your configuration.

    Low cost

    Our software is a cost-efficient solution for patient safety management, because many of the building blocks have already been made for you! Suitable for both small and large organizations.


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