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Improve the quality & safety of your healthcare organization

TPSC's Quality & Risk Management System includes a wide range of software solutions. Each solution aims to optimize one or more existing processes by collecting and analyzing data and assuring improvement actions. In other words: Collect, Analyze & Improve!

Modular system

Each solution functions stand-alone but can also be fully integrated with the other solutions within the Quality & Risk Management system. Together they form a total solution tailored to your specific needs of your healthcare organization.

Read more below about the specific solutions and about the unique characteristics of Quality & Risk Management platform.

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Quality & Risk Management platform TPSC Cloud™

Our Quality & Risk Management software solutions optimize and assure processes and measures results, regarding each stakeholder of the healthcare institution from patients and staff, to the management and third parties. Thereby, the software, TPSC Cloud™, has some unique characteristics that result in valuable benefits. 

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Incident management reporting software for healthcare Incident Management

Report and analyze near misses & incidents and create a culture of safety within your healthcare institution. 

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Register and track points of improvements Improve 2.0

Increase the number of points for improvement and decrease throughput time.

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Complaints management Consumer Feedback

Collecting feedback gives you the opportunity to transform a negative experience into a positive and prevents high costs of claims. 

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Report, analyze and manage OSHA issues Occupational Safety Health Administration

Get full insight in occupational safety health issues and increase staff satisfaction among your employees. 

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Create safety culture in healthcare Culture surveys

Determine the organizational culture and see which interventions can be undertaken to create a safety culture.

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Custom quality management system Custom Solutions

Due to the flexibility of our software, we can easily create custom cloud applications.

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