TPSC Cloud™

Collaborative Governance, Risk & Compliance

TPSC Cloud™

Collect, analyze & improve with TPSC's GRC software!

Improve the quality and safety of your healthcare organization

TPSC's Collaborative Governance, Risk & Compliance software includes a wide range of software solutions. Each solution aims to optimize an existing process and is based on the collection, recording and analyzing of data and assuring improvement actions. Otherwise said: Collect, Analyze & Improve!

A wide range of Governance, Risk & Compliance software

The wide range of solutions services, and measures results, regarding each stakeholder of the healthcare institution from patients and staff, to the management and third parties.

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  • Communicate easily around and about files
    • The Business Messenger is integrated within each solution – Communicate easily & secure – Use desktop, mobile devices or even wearables! – All the conversations are stored directly within the relevant file. 

  • Compliance
    • Comply with statutory requirements relating to quality and safety assurance.

  • Modular system
    • The solutions can be fully integrated with each other. Together they form a total solution tailored to your specific needs. 

  • Executive Dashboards
    • The real-time & personal dashboards provide you valuable insights into current reports, analysis results and recommendations for improvement.

  • Flexibility
    • The software is ultra flexible. Each component of the software can be configured to your specific needs. This makes that our software is fully process- and workflow supporting.

  • Integration
    • Standard interfaces with your EMR, HIS, HR system or Active Directory will result in a reduction of data entry errors and administrative burdens.

  • Secure
    • Only employees who are involved in the specific process have access to the relevant file. Within this file, they are only authorized to make changes to the parts that are relevant to them.

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Josep Davins, Director General Adjunto, Generalitat De Catalunya:
We want to secure a minimum for all, but not slowing down the more progressive centrers.
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