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Fundashon Mariadal

Updated at: 24 February 2021
Fundashon Mariadal case study

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A unique, tailor-made quality management system


About Fundashon Mariadal

Bonaire has approximately 19,500 inhabitants and welcomes about 370,000 tourists every year. Every day, the 500 care professionals at Fundashon Mariadal endeavour to provide everybody on the island with the highest-possible quality of intramural and transmural care. Fundashon Mariadal was founded in 1922 and is one of the largest organisations on Bonaire, consisting of a hospital with specialist care departments, a dialysis unit, a nursing home and a home care centre.

After following a Patient Safety Masterclass in the Netherlands, the organisation decided to automate the incident management process in 2012. After thorough research, Fundashon Mariadal elected for the cloud solution offered by The Patient Safety Company (TPSC). From the outset, the groundwork was laid for successful cooperation. This was partially thanks to Felix Greving. He is responsible within the Fundashon Mariadal for the Quality & Safety department and is highly involved in the deployment and usage of the TPSC Cloud™ software.

“The unambiguous design ensures that every employee, irrespective of knowledge level, can learn to navigate the software. Applications are made to fit the organisation and are easy to embed in day-to-day care protocols and business processes.”

A unique, tailor-made quality management system

Fundashon Mariadal serves as a classic example of solid quality management. The Quality & Safety department that Felix leads is dynamic and innovative. The question continuously being posed is: “How can we safeguard our processes as securely as possible? And how can we best deploy the information that flows from these processes in order to get better?”.

Felix sees the software as a ‘workflow engine’: each process consisting of a workflow various user roles can be automated and secured using the TPSC Cloud™ software. The resulting application is directly applicable to the work floor.

The outcome of this vision is a broad spectrum of applications. More than 40(!) TPSC Cloud™ applications are currently in operation in the Fundashon Mariadal environment. Many of them are custom made applications, developed together with TPSC’s senior consultant, John Willems: “Fundashon Mariadal entrusts its software application management to TPSC. Consider in this respect the design of new and maintenance of existing applications, as well as user management. This means that I am in regular contact with Felix. Felix delivers the specifications and I turn them into an application that is appropriate to the overall Fundashon Mariadal solution. Felix informs me of – and requests advice about – new developments within Fundashon Mariadal with which TPSC can possibly become involved. Our close cooperation has developed in the course of time into a meaningful friendship.”

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User friendliness

For a number of years, Fundashon Mariadal has made intensive use of the TPSC Cloud™ software. Its user friendliness is what most appeals to Felix. “The unambiguous design ensures that every employee, irrespective of knowledge level, can learn to navigate the software,” says Felix. “The many communication and reporting instruments mean that applications can be deeply embedded in day-to-day care protocols and business processes. Applications are made to fit the way an organisation works, not the other way around.”

Quality management and achieving strategic objectives

For Fundashon Mariadal, it is a strategic decision to use TPSC Cloud™ software. The software is designed to comply with the organisational vision and to attain institutional goals. In recent years, considerable effort has been exerted to develop applications at team level to stimulate the flat organisation desired. Reports can now be compiled at team level as well, and every team has access to relevant management information. This makes the organisation more agile and innovative. It also makes it easier to adjust to market and volume developments.

From retrospective to prospective quality management

Moreover, the focus in recent years has been on the development of applications that monitor live processes. Fundashon Mariadal now operates not only in a retrospective manner (such as incident and complaint management), but can also prospectively address and mitigate risk. 

Continuous innovation

Fundashon Mariadal does what it takes to boost quality management to the next level. In 2016, initial steps were taken to develop the first protracted healthcare file, together with TPSC. This file will be deployed throughout the healthcare chain: from general practitioner to hospital, nursing home and home care centre. The protracted healthcare file safeguards the entire healthcare process and is therefore more than simply a clinical record, such as the Electronic Patient Dossier. The development of the protracted healthcare file enables the first steps to be taken towards a future health file offering clients central access to their medical data. Taken together, all these developments lead to the high quality of care that Fundashon Mariadal envisages! Or, as Felix puts it: “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in day out."

TPSC Cloud™ in the Caribbean Netherlands

A good example should be followed! The success of Fundashon Mariadal and the enthusiasm of Felix have led other organisations in the Caribbean Netherlands to make use of TPSC Cloud™ software! Felix helps them use the software to generate ongoing quality improvements. 

  • Instituto Medico San Nicolas (ImSan) offers outpatient care on Aruba. In order to learn from incidents and complaints and thereby consistently enhance healthcare, they have secured their incident and complaint management process in the TPSC software. Improvement Manager enables improvement campaigns to be followed up and monitored.
  • Delta Security & Hospitality provides security services on Bonaire. Employees have their own file in the HRM application that provides insight into various HR records, such as periodic assessments and work carried out.  Delta Security & Hospitality also makes use of a security walkabout application. This enables work and conclusions to be reported during security rounds. Both applications are intended to consistently improve organisational quality. The resultant improvement action items are also followed up by, and monitored with, Improvement Manager.
More information?

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